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1/26/19 - "Last night in downtown Syracuse, local favorite The Lightkeepers, and Hudson Valley act The Big Takeover tore the roof off of Funk 'n Waffles Syracuse! Two powerhouse bands, oozing soul and talent. If there are any locals who haven't caught The Lightkeepers yet, make sure and catch them February 22nd at The Listening Room at 443 Cafe & Lounge! Thanks for everyone who came out!" - Cassady (Andrew Agliata)

"Looking for your next Soul jam? Look no further than the Lightkeepers’ latest “Talking Man’s Blues”. The singles “Empty” and “Free for All” are the perfect aural escape to slip into to share the existential dread of 21st century livings. While some artists try their hand at creating feel good music, to others it comes all too naturally." A&R Factory

"The music and energy created on a nightly bases by these “keepers” have a bold sense of 60’s and 70’s female powerhouse vocals accompanied with smooth folk-rock rhythms." Jim Houle, NYS Music.

"The five members of The Lightkeepers share years of combined music experience. Together, their collective talents create an original rock experience... And while their repertoire is predominantly original, they also offer their own readings on covered material... They create a unique sound derived of retro influences all mixed together in some sort of new-fangled funky blender." Chuck Schiele, Table Hopping.  

Jes Sheldon – Vocals
Michael Vincitore – Guitar
P.J. Will - Guitar
Elliot Jarvis - Guitar
Sean Benz - Drums

With over 60 years of combined musical experience between them, band members Jes Sheldon (Vox), Mike Vincitore (Guitar), P.J. Will (Guitar), Elliot Jarvis (Bass) and Jack Jarvis (Drums) knit a musical blanket of soul, funk, rock, jazzy blues and roots, they come from all angles. As the 2016 Syracuse Area Music Award winners for Best New Artist, The Lightkeepers hit their full stride in 2018 and are poised to launch onto the international music scene in the coming year. Their 2019 SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music Awards) nominated album "Talking Man's Blues" aims a spotlight on the bands diverse influences while highlighting their unique style as they expand into new musical territory by weaving across traditional genres.


The Lightkeepers are fronted by lead vocalist Jes Sheldon, who is reminiscent of musical legends Janis Joplin and Etta James, bringing her powerhouse vocals backed by legendary guitarist Mike Vincitore (Dark Hollow, Red Light District, Shining Star Band), PJ Will (The Hook), Jack and Elliot Jarvis (Dinner and a Movie).   

Based in Syracuse, NY
Founded in 2014
Genre: Soul Jam, Funk, Blues, Rock 
Label: Bold Atlas Endeavor
Bold Atlas Endeavor
Management / Booking / PR:
E-Mail: Scott Catucci
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